Marriage Traditions in Uzbekistan

The Uzbek culture spots great importance on marital life. Most women happen to be married simply by age 21 and men are married by the age of 25. This early marriage relationship with japanese woman is compulsory because family members are the foundation society. Moreover, the virginity of the little princess plays an important position in creating the family prize.

The wedding ceremony in Uzbekistan can be described as big affair with a numerous attendees. Home, neighbors, and work colleagues are asked to the festivities. Likewise, even strangers will be invited to attend the event. Wedding formal procedure is and then a wedding get together. The newlyweds are also supposed to give presents to their girlfriends or wives. Watches and bracelets are common gifts for newlyweds.

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The groom’s parents typically inquire regarding the future star of the wedding. The groom’s parents are thinking about the social status of the girl and her capability to run a household. Beauty is usually appreciated but is not a major qualifying criterion. The groom’s parents also traditionally take in serious consideration how clean your house is normally, and the ability to pay addresses.

Marriage in Uzbekistan is highly formal, and weddings happen to be grand affairs. Many people save for years to hold a great ceremony. This is especially true if the bride is a only child in the family. Even poor families will spend a lot of time and money to support a large wedding party. They may steal friends or take out loans to help cover the costs.

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